Peru – Cusco, an imperial city

Our stay in Cuzco will remain memorable: the city is truly beautiful and we were super cold in the rented apartment.

Cusco which was the capital of the Inca empire is located at 3400m. The ancient Inca walls were often used by the Spanish to serve as a base for their buildings. Colossal churches, balconies, courtyards with arches, cobbled streets, Inca remains and colonial architecture are present throughout the historic center, making it a must visit and very interesting. There are also many museums and activities for all tastes. The only major disadvantage is the altitude that makes walking difficult. Especially since there are some very steep streets with endless stairs!

One of the most popular tourist activities in Cuzco consists of a chocolate workshop. We could not resist and after torrefied, ground, tasted and molded the chocolate, we were delighted. It will take us several days to eat all the stock (yes, even for Natacha)!

It is in Cuzco that we visited our first Inca site. Sacsayhuaman (pronounced sexy woman) presents the ruins of an incredible zigzag rampart. You can admire the stone walls, the stone are pretty well adjusted and we can find some monumental blocks, rounded corners, beautiful views of the city. There are also terraces so characteristic of the cultures at the Incas  time and now covered with green grass.

It was necessary to climb on the hill to discover this marvel. We walked there, taking long breaks to find an acceptable heart rate (well, especially Sara …).

We enjoyed walking around this city, discovering its market, testing good food and meeting with the Lybeert family (traveling with 4 children) whom we already met quickly in a museum in New Zealand. What a pleasure to exchange on our travels. We made an appointment to meet again this summer!