Bolivia – La Paz and Titicaca Lake

Here is already the end of our journey in Bolivia. We left Sucre by plane to go to La Paz. The flight over the mountains is extraordinary.

In La Paz, 3800m high, we met our friends, the Noel Family (we had already enjoyed their company in San Pedro and in Sucre). The day of guided tour followed by a cable car ride was rich in discovery and very pleasant for everyone. Sacha made his first experience of a manual carousel (a sort of big parasol with children’s games fixed on boards.) But especially of network games on Minecraft (the troubles begin?)

The pleasure of our trip is also in the little things: go to the hairdresser and try to explain in Spanish, take a taxi to 6 for 2 € … And obviously, see the local specialties as the witches market  in La Paz. The merchants sell there dried llamas fetuses and other special products and mixtures used for the ceremonies of offerings to Paccha Mama. According to our guides, human sacrifices could still exist to bring good luck to the constructions … Should we believe it?

We ill also remember from Bolivia:     

  • The panini image market of the football world cup. Every night in Sucre!    
  • the red-brick and tin-roof buildings that are often unfinished and that we have encountered everywhere in Bolivia.     
  • vehicles in poor condition (often buses and taxis!)     
  • the “agencia de huevos” (egg agency) these shops exclusively selling eggs …     
  • the unfinished roads, the mountain ….


Next stop, Lake Titicaca shared between Bolivia and Peru. After a few hours of hectic bus, we discover a beautiful landscape. We spend a nice afternoon with our friends for the visit of Isla del Sol.

This is how our discovery of Bolivia ends. We return to France a few days for family reasons and we will resume our journey in Peru.