A amazing day in the Cusco area

On our way to Machu Picchu, we decided to do some stops to visit the area.

Chinchero was a city on one of the Incas paths … Walls delimiting sacred spaces, secondary house of the emperor, terraces for agriculture, all the main types of Inca ruins are there. It’s amazing.

In the church built over one of the Inca buildings, there are many Andean specificities mixed with the Catholic symbols: bird feathers, golden crown symbolizing the sun, colorful skirt to decorate Christ on the cross. A virgin Marie with more pounds and triangular form, reminder of the mountain, symbol of mother earth.

The site of Moray contains 4 kinds of earthworks in circle, allowing the Incas to test the seeds according to the altitude and to optimize their harvests. There was a difference in temperature at each terrace.

We tested the stairs on the wall: effective!

One site surprised us: salt ponds at 3000m, unimaginable!

The inhabitants of the region discovered long ago how to exploit salt water from a source. The Incas worked in these terraces.

To end this beautiful day, we arrived at Ollantaytambo, the last city before our discovery of Macchu Pichu.