Brisbane with Rainbow Families!


Before arriving in Brisbane, we had been contacted by rainbow families. Natacha managed to plan our stay by communicating via messenger with Grace, Kathryn and Jackie who had all offered to host us. Once again we were touched by the generous Australian hospitality.

Grace and Suzanne welcomed us into their house for a few days and we had a wonderful time being nearly 60% of the time in the pool. We tasted delicious meals and Grace had even done us the honor of making us a king cake (galette)! We had exciting discussions about their family’s story. Grace and Suzanne have two children Ayda (5 years old) and Claude (3 months old) who were conceived with two gay men. Ayda and Claude have a  differen father who plays a role in their lives. Grace had organized a morning swimming pool and barbecue with many LGBTQ families who attended. It was once again an opportunity to meet Australians and discuss about our family lives.

After a dip in the pool (yes again but it was very hot), we were able to discover Mount Cootha and the planetarium (the black holes have no secrets for us and the children master the theory of relativity!) . Our stay at Grace and Suzanne was also the opportunity to meet the famous huntsman, a giant spider who, when they are outside are already very impressive but when they are on the wall of our bedroom are terrifying. Thanks to Sara for her cool and to Grace for the insecticide bomb.

We then met Kathryn, his wife Lisa and their two sons Ruben and Oscar. Their house is not far from “South Bank”, the most famous place in Brisbane (especially with children!). We went there twice, there is so much to do. The sandy beach and the giant pool are perfect for enduring the heat. There is also a water park and a kind of river to walk. Hours of activity if you also consider a beautiful playground for children, a beautiful shady walk and restaurants, cafes, museums and the library not far. Kathrin shared her and Ruben’s favorite restaurant: a Sushi place with a train delivering your food!  Success Guaranteed 🙂 Kathrin shared a lot with us, about their choice of a known donor and family member, when to talk to children, about the child’s desires that may come later in the home…

Sacha was delighted to play with the two boys, especially as the house was full of toys and exciting activities.

We did not visit the museums but we did a ride in a (free) Ferry to discover another very beautiful park with a playground. This is what we will remember from downtown Brisbane: buildings but also spaces to live. And we can confirm that it’s great place to live in!

To finish our stay in Brisbane, we stayed withy Jackie and Linda. Their daughter, Ella, was very enthusiastic about having Sacha at home. She shared her barbies and babies with Sacha and they played different games for two days! They were adorable. Jackie and Linda made us discover a beautiful walk that is done at low tide. Sacha was very worried that we could not go home. The weather was beautiful and warm (like much of our time in Australia).

At our hosts, we loved the pool and games for the kids as well as great meals like a barbecue (very popular in Australia). We exchanged a lot on many subjects.

We loved the pool and games for the kids as well as great meals like a barbecue offered by our hosts (very popular in Australia). We exchanged a lot on many subjects.

For our last day in Australia, Jackie drove us to the Gold Coast. We had to discover the Surfer’s paradise beach, iconic Australian activity! Given the temperature of the water, the mild weather and the beauty of the beaches, we understand. Ella gave us a nice demonstration of Bodyboard while Sara was being flipped twice before giving up! no proof in photo …) For lunch, we obviously ate a “Fish and Chips”, traditional here! What a beautiful day !

So that’s the end of our Australian adventure. We discovered Brisbane with three generous and open minded rainbow families. We will never forget these amazing moments.

Pictures a avalable  HERE.


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  1. Hi Natasha, Sara and Sacha,

    I’m a bit behind, and starting today to catch up with you 3 again!! Love your stories and love your photos and love each of you!

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