Colombia – Cartagena

We took a shuttle to Cartagena, the second part of our trip to Colombia. We discovered the fortification, the colonial houses, some museums.

It was a great pleasure to meet again with the family called “300 days of the world” for a few days to share activities, restaurants and picnics in the room and especially hours of happiness for Lou, Yann and Sacha who get along very well. We had already met this family in Cambodia, then in New Zealand.

The city is very beautiful, very colorful, we enjoyed walking its cobbled streets even under 32 degrees.

We stayed in the neighborhood of Getsemani which is next to the city center. The neighborhood remained very authentic, we could see the people out with their chairs in front of their door at night and meeting friends to discuss, have a drink and listen to music.

In one of the parks of the city, we could observe sloths, small monkeys, squirrels and even vultures.

After a week in the city, we travelled a little further north of Cartagena, on Botega beach. We had booked an apartment in a very nice residence for 7 days of idleness, where we went to the beach / pool every day … but what pools !!!!


Colombia was for us snonym with rest, we did not want to move every three days. Even if with our photos of beautiful landscapes can give the impression that we are on holiday every day, a trip around the world is still a job and we needed a vacation!

Pictures HERE.