Sydney – A beautiful city by the sea

We stayed in Sydney for about ten days. We like to stay longer in some places to take the time to live like locals! Especially when we have meetings scheduled.

We were first welcomed by Diana, a lesbian and feminist we met through Vanessa. We discovered with her her neighborhood of Balmain East. We had really great evening discussion and it was exciting to hear about DIana’s stories. The sunset on Balmain while eating a fish and chips leaves us a moving memory. It was great to have the “Australian” breakfast while going to the cafe (although we did not always have salty food, the cakes and toast are good too!).

There is plenty to do and visit in Sydney, we enjoyed the museums and downtown with Sacha. The ferry is a good way to visit and get around. We had a special card to take the transport: bus / train / ferry (thank you Diana for providing them).


We then met Vanessa who helped us a lot. Indeed, she put us in touch with the families who have already received us and Diana. Vanessa accommodated us for a few nights and served us a delicious dinner. She loves to cook and she does it very well! To his delight, Sacha was able to play with her two sons, Leo and Joel. He also went to summer day camp with them for 4 days (thanks again to Vanessa for helping with the registration). He was delighted. He quickly found back his English fluency during our stay in Australia.

As Sacha was at vacation care, it was an opportunity for us to be “just the two of us”: shopping, beaches, quiet swimming in the pool … In particular, we could see beaches “city” but despite the proximity of buildings, the beaches of Sydney are very nice … This is probably because there are virtually no tall buildings and there are trees and greenery everywhere. We did not see the famous Bondi beach, the most touristy and the one that is closest to a more urban downtown.


This visit to Sydney was also an opportunity for Sara to see Brice again, an engineering school buddy and his family.

Once again in Australia, our stay in Sydney was a great pleasure especially with the meetings and the time spent with our hosts. Diana and Vanessa touched us with their generosity and kindness. We hope to have the opportunity to see them again.

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