Great memories from Hong Kong

Our flight from Chengdu to Hong Kong was not scheduled in our original itinerary.

We had to spend another 10 days in China, including a week volunteering at a school but unfortunately this was not possible. In the plane, we had a few big laughs

1.  we did not know if our Chinese Visa will allow us to enter and stay in Hong Kong

2. we did not know if there was a time difference (the suspense was unsustainable :))

We discovered mountains and volcanic islands covered with buildings! Unfortunately we did not have time to discover the nature surrounding these urban areas.

We stayed only a few days in Hong Kong as accommodation was very expensive. We stayed in a hotel quite far from the center as it was the only way to get a room big enough for three at a decent price (it was about 67 euros / night). We loved the pool and the mini kitchen to make frozen food in our microwave !!! And all the breakfasts. (from the beginning of the trip we managed to make our breakfast ourselves (except when we were staying with our hosts)).

Hong Kong by night is a tourist attraction (much like Shanghai). There was an impressive light show but the music !!!!! A disaster….

The highlight of the stay was Sasha’s main birthday present: a day at DisneyWorld. Of course it was great. Especially since there were no crowds … maximum 15min waiting!

Finally, I must tell to you about the practice of sports in the parks. We had already seen this in Beijing. In the morning, the park is full of … walkers, runners, gym groups, dance, Tai Chi or baminton players!

I was impressed by all these elderly people walking, doing great movements. Some followed an educator and chanted a count of each exercise. Others practiced on music with an old cassette player or a mp3 speaker but the sound sounds old anyway! They have no particular outfits, only comfortable outfits and sneakers or canvas shoes (such as kung fu shoes or Tai Chi shoes). Sometimes ladies have big visors, very prized here in China! I stayed longer looking at a group of 6 ladies practicing . I was impressed by the flexibility and energy they had. A little gray-haired lady whom I can not give an age can lift her leg without discomfort and stretch the saber in front of her. The first sequence lasted more than 3 minutes when they put themselves to the salute at the end of the music I said to myself it is finished, I saw them not moving and not turning off the cassette it was because they continued with a second and a third serie as long as the first one (what memory!). Finally, they used the fans to  in an even more dynamic and more rhythmic way! Unbelievable…


This new tage will bring us a lot of discoveries (school uniforms and buses with 2 floors, visible heritage of England presence …). We also had the chance to meet Cécile, Claire and their daughter Elodie, a great “rainbow family”. We had a lovely time at the park, the kids played and we talked a lot. It was really great 🙂