Supermarket in China

In 10 months of travel, we have accumulated many memories. Sometimes we realize that we are already starting to forget what happened at the beginning of our trip. The beginning was in August 2017, and we were arriving in China. Here is an article and a video on an important point of our discoveries: Chinese supermarkets. Memories !

When we travel, we like to shop in supermarkets (or just take a walk), it’s always a very interesting experience. In China, it was an adventure!

Moreover, in China, it is quite easy to find apartments for rent. We could cook if we wished. It was then necessary to find what to cook …



Supermarket in Beijing – bamboo mats

“What is it ?” “I do not know …” That’s how we could summarize our visits!

The supermarkets are all a little alike. The interest lies in the details and the products found there. If products like oil or rice are not presented the same (whole rays of 5-liter cans, 5kg bags), we could at least recognize these products. It was in the fruit and vegetable department that we were lost, we had never seen so many tubers and vegetables. For dairy products, we were surprised to find so many. On the other hand it was necessary to test it to know the taste (not always the one we were expecting)!

In the end, what did we buy?

Courageous but not reckless, we were satisfied with the vegetables we knew, rice and a little meat. The culinary experiences we had in restaurants were enough for us. Sara still tested a few things (mostly fruits).

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To show you some examples of the differences found in the store in China, we have prepared a short video.