Our first stop in Brazil: Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest city of south America with 12 million inhabitants. This city with thousands of buildings could seem a little bit cold but it warmly welcomed us.

The highlights in Sao Paulo were our meeting with Andrea and her family and our participation in the LGBT parade. Andrea and Fabio invited us to lunch in a very good Italian restaurant that once belonged to Fabio’s grandfather. Sacha was delighted to test the Gnocchi.

You can also find our article on the LGBT parade in Sao Paulo, the biggest one in the world by clicking here.


Thanks to couchsurfing, we also met Steven, Patricia and Loua who welcomed us with great kindness in their home. Steven and Patricia are both managing an English lessons school. These meetings are always rewarding. We learn more about people’s lives. We were also amazed by Steven who told us about his bike ride from Brazil to Chile when he was 15 years old.

As for visits, the MASP museum, on Paulista Avenue, impressed us with the richness of its collection of paintings presented in an atypical manner on some kinds of standing windows.

The museum of modern art really deserved its named and we have remained in front of certain art pieces.
Our favorite visit was the Museum of Africans  in Brazil. We also took advantage of the large park to walk a bit and Sacha found a playground (hopscotch training started).
Sao Paulo is a big city very well equipped in cultural spaces and in … Starbuck !!!
We also loved the laundromat / restaurant with its free foosball table (Sacha could begin his initiation).

The Sao Paulo Pride with the NGO « Mothers for Diversity »