Iguazu Falls in Argentina

While thinking about our trip, we had wondered about the places we really wanted to see. The Iguazu Falls were first in Natacha’s list. Sara did not know, Sacha had already asked for the Chinese Wall and Machu Picchu 🙂
So we planned to cross Argentina arriving from Chile to get to the border with Brazil and see the falls. It’s not at all what we did! We canceled our trip in Argentina before arriving in Latin America, question of distance which were too long and the time it would have taken us to do so. But we had not abandoned the idea of visiting these Iguazu Falls. This visit finally fit in our program while we were visitong in Brazil.

We took a plane from Sao Paulo and stayed 4 days on the Argentina side, 3 days on the Brazilian side. It was a good choice: we had two big days of walking in the park (17km and 19 km) on the Argentinian national park: it was beautiful! It looked like a rainbow party!

We met many birds and butterflies but also greedy coatis and little monkeys.


We will talk about the national park on the Brazilan side in another article.

For our last day we went to the place where we could see both Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina “the three borders”. This is the point where the Iguaçu River and the Paraná River merge to form a natural triple border.

We took the opportunity to be in Argentina to eat very good meat (huge portions!) in a totally empty restaurant … Going out of tourism season sometimes has unexpected effects!