Phnom Penh – Royal city

After an 8h bus ride and a border crossing with no difficulty, we took a Tuk-tuk to get to our hotel. For the first time since the beginning of the trip, Sacha was sick with fever but he was super brave during the ride. We spent a few days in our first destination in Cambodia. Here, we pay with 2 currencies: US dollars and Riels. It complicates the accounts!    


Sitthy et Sara – 3iliens !

I took advantage of our visit to Phnom Penh to see a friend I met during college (we were at the same engineering school in Limoges!) Sitthy was born in Cambodia, moved to France when he was 7 and returned to Cambodia to spend at least a year. We had a great evening  talking and walking along the Mekong, Sacha was able to try the fun fair!

In Phnom Penh we really enjoyed the restaurant of the French Institute and the youth section  of the French library of course! Sacha attended the movie screening of the “Little Prince” while the moms were trying to find a way to go back to Vietnam to fly to Australia. Indeed the bus company wanted us to pay a $45 visa while we could benefit from a visa exemption. In addition it was very hard for Sacha to take the malaria preventive tablets. So,we negotiated to leave Cambodia a little earlier to take the pills for a shorter time (finally Sacha learned to swallow tablets 3 days later …). Change plans, bookings, find a flight rather than a bus, contact Zipworld to find the best solution, it takes a lot of time and energy … And it costs us more money too.

Despite these logistical problems, we dared out in the heat for the visit of the royal palace. It was expensive without explanatory panels. We were dripping and somewhat disappointed although the buildings were beautiful. While it was Natacha’s turn to be sick, Sacha and Sara paddled in the pool 🙂

Our happy rainbow family in Cambodia !

The atmosphere in the streets of the city is reminiscent of Vietnam. Sellers, scooters and cars on the sidewalks. Markets very lively, small supermarkets but it’s more expensive if it looks like a real store! Otherwise it is an extension of the home: there is a bed or a sofa with the television at the bottom. Or even a scooter or a car! Buddhism is omnipresent because we see many temples and we cross the path of monks.

Next destination: Siem Reap, the city of temples of Angkor.

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Women selling lotus flowers