Lisa, Jenni and Charlie – How do they become a happy rainbow family

We discovered Lisa and Jenni during our research to prepare for the world tour.

Lisa and Jenni went around the world in 2011 to meet LGBT activists in different countries. They made a TED talk to explain their trip (more than 1.6 million views, we really advise you to watch it).

We contacted them by email after seeing their TED conference and they told us immediately that our project was great and that they also become mothers recently, a little girl named Charlie.

They also gave us access to the documentary they produced with a team of professionals with interviews and many videos of their trip. We were very touched by this film.

You can find the documentary Out & Around on Google Play, Itunes or Amazon

We then met virtually on Skype and they put us in touch with one of the activists they had met in Chile and who has a little girl.

Lisa and Jenni then invited us to spend a weekend at her house in Zurich. It was in May 2017.  We had a wonderful weekend talking about travel, expats and education.

It was an opportunity for us to practice the interview and here is the result.

Discover here the story of Jenni and Lisa and what was their journey to become a rainbowl family with the arrival of their charming daughter Charlie!

Long version (13′)

Short Version (2,46′)