Siem Reap – the Angkor temples

We arrive in Siem Reap after 6 hours by bus. The tuk-tuk takes us to our hotel. Disappointing room because very small, dark and without chair / table but it does not matter because the pool is great with tables and chairs nearby (a little hard to do school anyway!). Sacha beat his pool time and stayed 3 hours in a row one morning because he had found a friend and we were talking with the parents 🙂


We visited the temples only one day (initially we thought to take a 3 day pass). Sacha found the sculpted heads impressive and beautiful. Natacha had not seen the giant reclining Buddha, which made us laugh.

It was very hot, we all agreed to go home early! We met the family “the 300 days of the world” by chance in the middle of the ruins and we were able to see each other again for dinner.

In Siem Reap you can also see craftsmen working, night clubs moving at night (free wifi and music YouTube!), A local circus and tuk-tuk of course!

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One thought on “Siem Reap – the Angkor temples

  1. Hi Sara, Natacha & Sacha,

    Always happy to hear from you and get news of your travels and the photographs are fabulous! Thank you.

    My twin sister (Sarah Blackmer) used to live in Siem Reap – for several years, actually! She and much younger man moved about a year ago now to: Koh Kong near Thailand border. I only hear from her/them sporadically, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if by some “real chance” you would see her and her friend, David Wolf? They live in a rented house. It is across a street from a Lotus Farm. Cooling breezes flow through the house and across the deck every day. I actually sent mail to them: Post Office, Village 1, Sang Kat , Smach Meanceay, Khemarak, Phoumint, Koh Kong Province Cambodia – post code 09000 last year or early this year.

    Thank you, again, for sending me news of you 3 and your travels.

    Sara, I signed up to go back to The Rainbow Lodge for Women in Solution. January 12-14, 2018. Lady friend from near here is going and we will share the auto expenses and driving. Also will be roommates.

    Hugs, love,

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