Let’s meet with Vanessa, co chair of a rainbow families association in Autralia

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If we have one person to thank for making our Australian trip unforgettable, this is Vanessa Gonzales!

Thanks to her, our trip wasn’t just about visiting the most beautiful places of Australia, it was about meeting the most beautiful families and people of Australia!

Vanessa lives in a suburb of Sydney, she is a social worker and she is the happy mother of Joel and Leo.


Vanessa is also the co-chair of a Rainbow family association covering the New South Wales state in Australia.

Rainbow Families is a 100% volunteer organization, providing a network of support to children and families

within the NSW LGBTIQ community. They received many awards recognizing the support they provide to the Rainbow families.

Every year they participate to the famous Sydney Mardi-Gras and they organize many events themselves that gather hundreds of people.

The association was really active during the Marriage equality debate in Australia and they produced many quality resources for families and schools, including a specific guide for families to help them and their kids get through the postal survey.

In this interview, Vanessa is giving us her definition of a family and sharing with us the goals of the Rainbow families association.





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  1. Hi Natasha, Sacha and Sara – Oh wonderful news that you got to meet up with Vanessa!! Loved the interview at a picnic table in a park!

    You two are really making a difference in this world and I’m so grateful you share your stories with me.

    Until next time…

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