New Zealand – South Island – Part 1

We will spend 44 days in New Zealand in total. We started with the South Island as we arrived in Christchurch.

What is striking in Christchurch is the space available, the new homes, those in demolition, the downtown not very big, still in restoration. The earthquake of 2011 must have been terrible and the city is marked. During these few days in Christchurch, we spend some time with other French families travelling around the world. Sacha wass delighted. We also enjoyed the beach and library in New Brighton (the suburbs!).


We hit the road (driving on the left side) in our rental car (We did not rent a van because it seemed more expensive and less comfortable). At first, we found that there was not much to see and especially not many people (it must be said that the population does not reach 6 million!) The discovery of the lakes of Tekapo and Pukaki reassured us, the landscapes New Zealand are superb. Activities: walking and breaks on the lakeshore.


The road was winding, we were in the mountains! Sometimes large valleys dug by glaciers allowed to ride long straight lines. There was often no place to stop, the roadside was minimalist. Yet it is allowed to drive at 100km / h … We discovered Queenstown and its many tourist activities. We came for an outing to explore the Milford Sound Fjord. 10 hours of bus and 1h30 of cruise !!! But we did not want to drive so far so it was worth it. We were in a glass-roofed bus, nothing better to admire the incredible landscapes crossed.


Before leaving, we tried the summer sled on a track. Great !!!

The next step led us to discover a new magnificent lake: Wanaka Lake.

We walked a lot along the lake as well as on Mount Iron overlooking the valley. On the program again, more fun: a labyrinth and sensory illusions (Puzzleworld).


Stay tuned for the rest of our adventures in New Zealand !

The photos are here 🙂



One thought on “New Zealand – South Island – Part 1

  1. Hi Sara, Natasha, and Sacha, Oh how wonderful to see you three there! I’ve been to both South and North Islands in NZ and your accolades are just like mine were, many years ago!! I’ve been to all the places you mentioned and showed pictures of! Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories!! Puzzle World, what a Puzzle! Fun to see that again.
    How was the driving on the left side in a Rental Car? That’s where I first drove on the opposite side – took a while for the change, I remember Always look left before crossing the street! What a wonderful expedition you 3 are on and when you get to the north island you will so enjoy it too! I look forward to more photos and stories and the people are, indeed, very friendly. Hugs, love,

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