Bolivia – Sucre

It is by bus (and early) that we left Uyuni to go to Sucre. First, 4h of road at low speed because we have to cross the mountains, climb to 4000m altitude and arrive in Potosi. Then we had to change buses in Potosi: an adventure in itself since there is nowhere to eat lunch and then we understood that buses to Sucre were in another bus terminal. Just the time to take a taxi that does not close his trunk with our suitcases in it! We bought a ticket and we jumped on another bus, let’s go for a 3:30 journey in a bus not more comfortable which was full as stops in the countryside.

Our hotel in Sucre was right in the center. It was convenient to visit this all white colonial city  (the historic center …). Sacha enjoyed the fair at Bolivar Park.

We met again with the “Noel”, a Belgian family we met in San Pedro De Atacama. Children had many opportunities to meet and play together, Sacha was delighted. Already 8 months of travel, Sara is less motivated and Sacha begins to tell us sometimes that he is in a hurry to return to France to drink tap water, understand the language and play with his toys. It is true that we speak Spanish badly and that exchanges are rare. However, thanks to Natacha and Noelia on Facebook, we meet a wonderful Bolivian Rainbow family: Carmen, Flavia and Lucia.

They do not speak English at all! We spend some wonderful hours to exchange thanks to some Spanish basics and the translators on the phone! They made us discover the “watchtower”, the cemetery, the market and the local corn drink (we eat as much as we drink!).

We stayed a whole week in Sucre. Time to rest and for Sara to start sending applications for a new position in September … We enjoyed spending time talking with Francophones! We hated not having a proper wifi in the hotel and having to spend hours in the cafe … The French alliance of Sucre was a refuge for long hours of school and reading comics for Sacha (small library a little cool but very practical!).

Sucre was also an opportunity to discover real dinosaur footprints that were found in a career. Traces of several dinosaurs were found and they were well preserved  thanks to the clay which was then covered with several layers. The traces are upright in the photos below, do not hesitate to ask Sacha to explain why!


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  1. Dear Sacha,
    Please explain why the dinosaur foot prints are upright in the photos!!

    I leave on a trip from home to Bozeman, Montana with a girlfriend on May 1st and return about the 10th. Mutual friends have a son graduating from college in Bozeman on May 3rd. We’ve know of this, now adult!, since birth in Kodiak, Alaska! and eager to see him again after so many years…

    Hugs and love to each of you!!

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