Peru – The famous Machu Picchu

Sacha has been talking about the Machu Picchu since he was 3 years old. He saw the Machu Picchu in an episode of “Little Einsteins”. Among the things to see absolutely during this world tour, Machu Picchu came in second place.

The Machu Picchu knows how to be desired, he is perched on his mountain, hidden in the depths of a region so steep that it is difficult to understand why men came to build here … To go to the mysterious city, there are several options: reach one of the valley towns still far enough, then take a train then a bus, or take a bus for 7 hours on a winding road and then walk 2 hours (or take a train to the next town), or to take the “path of the Incas” and walk for several days in the footsteps of the ancient …

We chose a leisurely pace from Ollantaytambo: one day to take the train (scenic train ride) to AguaCalientes from where shuttles to Machu Picchu, a day for the visit, a day to return (train + bus) to Cuzco.

After a stressful bus ride, on a track without parapet, we went directly to the historic site without going through so called mandatory guide hiring. We decided not to take a guide (50 € saved) because we had seen at least two documentaries, visit the museum of Machu Picchu and Sara had read a lot about the Incas.

We were off to conquer the path that winds and stairs that lead us to the view of the city. We were not alone ! The Chinese were the most noisy, but the record of the number of photos taken includes specialists of all nationalities. We participated in the general craze at the sight of a llama 🙂 and we respected our quota of clichés … Thank you Sara who told us Inca stories for almost 2 hours.