Shanghai – Sightseeing, meetings and food tasting


We planned to visit one of Shanghai’s gardens. We like the city but we are always more attracted to the parks, like a need to go to breathe somewhat purer air.

Once out of the metro, there is no sign indicating this famous garden. So we walk around a few buildings and get to the right street. We come across a street and kind of market with very many type stores wholesalers that only sell toys. I let you imagine the eyes of Sacha and his desire to go and see everything. In these shops, only copies of toys are found. The lego are renamed Lele or Gole and you can find everything from the Snow Queen to Lego Star Wars.

We then pass through a mall (multi-storey mall) but special for wholesalers and each storey has its type of shops: jewelers on one side, glasses of others, spices and other herbs, bags shops race….
Once out of this temple of trade we go in search of the temples that are in the garden. We finally find the entrance and begin to walk in pretty streets lined with tourist shops that lead to a central area with beautiful buildings and ponds with lots of fish.

We realize that the garden to visit is hidden behind very large ramparts, that there is a very long queue to buy tickets …. Finally, we no longer have time to visit it because Luqi (the person who stays there that night) picks us up at the hostel in two hours (just time to get back to the hostel and rest a little).

We were then greeted by Luqi and Zhangying who introduced us to the Chinese Hotpot.

The next day they took us to explore the old town of Zhujiajiao.

 After a great day of walking, we arrived at Yan and Ann’s. Here is a short video.