Road trip from Melbourne to Sydney

Australia is a very big country so we decided to visit only a very small part: a quarter of the east coast. This part of Australia is inhabited by most of the country’s population (especially in urban areas).

Here, we present pictures of what we did along the road and in another post HERE we talk about our meeting with rainbow families.

We started this trip by a stop at Wilsons Promontary: It is a national park where you can make beautiful walks, admire wild beaches and eventually see animals.

Despite an unpleasant weather (it was indeed quite cold and rainy), we were motivated (or not for Sacha…) to do some hikes. We started with this wrong way but it led us to an extraordinary beach and a very windy experience.

We admired two other beaches by making short hikes.

The wind and the rain gave a little dramatic look to the scenery! Finally we did a little hike to observe kangaroos and parrots in their natural environment. We also saw a wombat and an emu:)

We have experienced different accommodations: motel, cabins in “Caravan Park”, staying with local people:) (See our article on the hospitality of same-sex families)

Luckily, on our journey we slept in a campsite with kangaroos under our windows (besides we were in the most luxurious and large bungalow (70m ²) We have ever seen). Great.

We continued on our way to Sydney along the coast. We had a great time at Lake Entrance, Eden, Tathra… Everything was superb, the roads going through beautiful forests, the deserted beaches (or almost as we were still not on high season) all different and too beautiful and immense, the encounters.

Another article devoted to our wonderful meeting with Claire, Neroli and Eddie is visible ICI.

What we like very much: having a car and being able to buy our food in advance and transport it (in a cooler that we bought in Melbourne), to be able to stop where we want, to find tourist flyers and to plan our Visits and our routes. It is a comfort appreciated!

We were able to adapt our itinerary to visit a family of two moms and their two children in the Blue Mountains. Our meeting is more detailed in the article here.

We made the biggest tourist attraction in the region: “Scenic World” where you take a ride in the most steep train in the world, a ride (we did both) in a gondola to admire the view above the Blue Mountains and facing the “Three Sisters.” After a typical lunch with “hamburger ” and “hot dog”, we learned a lot during the show presenting the Aboriginal culture.

We walked a lot once more and the air from the mountain got us a little tired (finally moms!). So we had a very nice nap, dreaming of the extraordinary eucalyptus that give its name to the mountain (the emanations provoke a blue reflection) or the Ferns trees so common here and so original for our European eyes!

Before we left and finished our trip to Sydney, we spent a moment of pure family fun, all alone at the foot of a small waterfall. It was really hot  and to help our mini-walker to move forward, we were explorers in full adventure, thanks Indiana Jones!



One thought on “Road trip from Melbourne to Sydney

  1. Hi Sara, Natasha & Sasha,
    Thank you sooo much for keeping me in your writings and postings. It is lovely to see your photos and to get to “meet” new people you are friending along the way. Last night my Lesbian friend, Kathleen was here for dinner and I shared the interview with the Chinese couple who have twins! She was delighted to see the video and it was good for me to see it again. Your tour is remarkable and I’m so proud to know you as a family!!
    Kathleen is going with me to the Women in Solution CODA Retreat at North Bend, WA at Rainbow Lodge next week. We leave about 1PM on Friday 12th, and stay the 2 nights and return on Sunday evening. I let her know, Sara, that you and I met in 2014 at that retreat, so now she has met you! I let her know that you 3 came to my home for a weekend for a visit and that you then had to move back to Paris.
    Kathleen and I are eager to be going to the Retreat. I’m told that Dr. Donna Beven-Lee will not be in attendance. It will be presentations by attendees.
    All for now, and keep up the good work!!
    Hugs, love,

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