Peru – Lima

We stayed a few days in Lima. Our first goal was to get two injections of rabies vaccines for Sacha who was bitten by a Saint Bernard dog (it’s not a joke) a few days ago. Although Sacha was vaccinated before we left for the world tour and the dog was supposed to be vaccinated against rabies, we did not want to take any chances. It was not so easy to explain to the clinic but we did it! Indeed, even vaccinated, it is necessary to make a new injection as soon as possible after exposure (or suspicion) then another 3 days after. One less stress.

Not very motivated for cultural visits, we did not go for a walk in the historic city center.

We stayed in Miraflores, the nice neighborhood where we had an apartment with a huge TV where we could watch documentaries and movies in high definition.

We also enjoyed going to good restaurants and tasting the ceviches and other typical dishes (and also the best burgers around the world!)


Our visits in Lima:

– the mall… facing the ocean, with all international brands, restaurants and ice cream shops.

– The pyramid of Huaca Pucclana. It was built by the people of Lima before the Incas. The stacks of mud bricks that have been preserved for so long are truly grandiose.


For our last night in Peru we met Antonio, a gay activist and Darling (a lesbian) and her son (Darling’s wife was in Canada at this time because this Peruvian rainbow family will settle there). Once again, we had a good time exchanging on our respective rights, our countries, our families.



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