A touching meeting with two gay dads in New Caledonia

During our stay in New Caledonia (you probably don’t know this island, this is a French little Island in the pacific Ocean, not too far from Australia and New Zealand), we had the chance to meet two rainbow families composed of two dads. These are (for now …) the only families with two dads we met during the whole trip.

We were able to interview Laurent and Alexandre who are dads of Louis, 10 years old.

Laurent and Alexandre are French and married in Belgium, where he lived a little more than 10 years ago. Indeed, unlike France, same-sex marriage was already legal in Belgium, as well as adoption for homosexual couples.

Laurent and Alexandre went through an approved adoption agency in Belgium and as they could not adopt in most foreign countries (which refuse the adoption not homosexual couples), they were positioned for a national adoption, it is to say the adoption of a Belgian child.

It was with great emotion that they told us about Louis’ arrival in their family. We had tears in our eyes listening to them and tears in their eyes while editing the video.

“At the time of the announcement of the adoption, it has nothing to do with being gay parents or heterosexual parents, we are PARENTS!”

Laurent and Alexandre explained the story of their family to Louis from the beginning and they even created a baby cube with drawings to illustrate this story. From an early age, Louis was able to answer the questions of other children about having two dads.

This cube is now a branded name known as KWY©.KWY® concept is a declination of toys, which allows each family model, to illustrate the answers to children questionings , regardless of its singularity.
These objects are used, through an emotional, fun and personalized approach to facilitate understanding and ownership of a family history. If you are interested, you can contact
kwy-nc@outlook.com and https://www.facebook.com/mykwy/

 We invite you to discover their story in this interview! Once again, it’s love that makes the family!