Hoi An – Beautiful old city

The old town of Hoi An is located in the province of Quang Nam in central Vietnam. It was one of the merchant ports that, between the fifteenth and nineteenth century, traded with the countries of south-east and east Asia and with the rest of the world. Its conservation permit a beautiful authenticity (no pressure to build with concrete so it is really preserved and now it is classified).

The city is a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese cultures and, later, European. We visited old wooden frame houses with brick or wooden walls, an open-air market and religious monuments such as pagodas and ancestral places of worship . Houses are tight along narrow pedestrian streets (at certain times … and watch out for bikes anyway). There is also a Japanese wooden bridge dating from the eighteenth century, on which is a pagoda, THE selfie spot must …


Hoï An has a tradition of lanterns. Originally it was yellow and red but multicolore, it’s much better for photos! Our hotel was 20 minutes from the beach by bike. We loved it because we could go through the rice fields and vegetable gardens. Since our hotel was not in the center of the historic city, bicycles were provided free of charge. They were not in great shape but we did it with and Sacha even had a small pillow to sit on the rack! During the time we were there, swimming was rather dangerous. That did not stop Sacha from playing with the waves just on the edge. He loves it as well as doing a sand-camp for his little plastic soldiers. As the sea was too rough we could not see sailing small boats in the shape of half-sphere (or nut shell as you want).

We keep an excellent memory of the gastronomy : it was good to eat there!

Of course we could eat things a little weird like duck fetus (did not try) or huge snails (pretty good). But we also eat (among others) delicious noodles, crispy rice cakes and spring rolls!

We enjoyed a cooking class that was both tasting and putting into practice! We were able to discover all the different aromatic herbs that give the flavor of the dishes here.

Finally we saw a traditional dance and music show followed by a Vietnamese bingo .Our dear Sacha lucky boy won the prize! He had warned us by telling us before the show started: “keenly I win!”



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Hoi An by Night