Beijing, a city with millions of (chinese) tourists

August 2017 – BEIJING – CHINA –


We spent a week in the city of Beijing.
As a reminder, Beijing is:
– more than 21 million inhabitants
– an area of ​​16800 km2.
– 7 ring roads and more than 5 million cars circulating every day

We rented an appartment (airbnb), which was located in a tower on the 22nd floor. We were in a neighborhood that had very little charm but we were really close to the subway allowing us to quickly reach the more touristy neighborhoods and above a supermarket,  allowing us to shop and cook our own meals.

Temple of heaven
Temple of heaven – Beijing

Here’s what we liked:
– The Metro is very easy to use, we never got lost.
– the Temple of Heaven where you can enjoy a little greenery in this city with very high buildings and not especially beautiful.
– The forbidden city that bears this name because it was reserved for the emperor and his court but forbidden to the people. You could spend hours there as there are palaces, courtyards, alleys, gardens to visit. There are more than 8700 pieces in total (it was necessary to lodge the hundred concubines). Sacha once again had a lot of success and was photographed many times.
– the Hutong district: small alleys with grey brick houses that hide several inner courtyards. We did a nice walk, tested churros with ice, visited the house of a painter and at the turn of a lane discovered a river lined with trees.
– the urban planning museum: there was an impressive mock-up of the city and several explanatory films very well done.
– the two dinners we had with LGBT families.
– the fact of spending days without actually going out and resting in an air-conditioned apartment.
– the fact of crossing very few Western tourists, it makes the situations more authentic.

What we liked less:
– The feeling of being like in Paris: people don’t look at each other, do not say hello in the building, people smile very little.
– the impression of being jostled: there are a lot (really a lot) of people and everyone seems in a hurry to get in or out and suddenly it jostles.
– huge ugly towers that are everywhere !!!


PICTURES : follow this link


Voici les vidéos qui résument notre séjour à Pékin :

  • La découverte et notre vie courante à Pékin
  • Le palais impérial
  • Le Palais du Ciel
  • Les hutongs