This is the end….and a new beginning

It’s the end of our round the world tour. We packed our bags, took a taxi and a last flight for an expected return. An expected moment because it is time to close this chapter and start a new one and a feared moment creating a certain anxiety because we will have to manage our new daily life in France. We landed on July 6th.

Since our return we have seen family and friends. It’s great to feel so welcome. It was a bit odd, as if we had never left  or just for a couple of weeks … We enjoyed the final stages of the Soccer World Cup live and with the atmosphere of victory 🙂

Our main concern was of course to find a place to rent not far from our work: that is to say in the south of Paris. We were very motivated to visit apartments and houses while Sacha stayed with his grandparents. We were very lucky because despite the few offers available on the market we found a house in the area, near our respective offices and school for Sacha. We are moving next week and we invite all those who can and want to join us on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July to spend some time with us to tinker or not (mounting furniture and emptying cartons) and to chat and to enjoy the garden!


Soon on our blog, the 3 new interviews of wonderful rainbow families from New Zealand, Chile and Brazil. We will also publish the latest travel videos and summaries … And some surprises !!! Just the time for us to move and reinstall the editing software that no longer works and by the end of the summer, you will see these new publications !!



One thought on “This is the end….and a new beginning

  1. Oh my! and you are back now for over a month! I was gone part of July myself. and I know I have missed some of your travel notes and blogs!

    I’m glad you are back safely. I’m certain is has been a real adjustment, yet look at all the places you have been and seen and learned about!!! Hooray for you!!! And all the good energy you left with so many of your new friends. Your outreach toward your Rainbow Friends has been such a GIFT!! A gift not only to them, to me as well!! I have so enjoyed being a part of this past year with you three from a distance!!! THANK YOU!! Much love sent your way…until we meet again.

    Thank you so much

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