The sound is so important

Hello everyone,

Here is a post to present a subject that has occupied me quite a long time:

The choice of material to bring for video.

There are many questions that arise when one wants to record interviews.

We consider filming with a phone because we want to travel light.

I have a Samsung S7 and it makes good video. You can shoot in Full HD or 4K. However, the image does not do everything in a video … The sound is more important! Especially if you do an interview, you have to understand what the interviewees say.

So I looked for microphones. I started with microphones that I already had at home and it did not work with my phone.

I bought a BOYA and an AUDIO TECHNICA but finally only one of them works on smartphone .

I also tried an external Philips recorder. This solution was discarded very quickly because synchronizing the sound and video was very difficult (a lag happening after a while).

There are very interesting blogs and videos on the web for explanations, comparisons, ideas. After hours of research, I wanted to make a video “like a blogger”.

So here is a little video that compares the microphones lavaliers (small microphones “tie”) following:


These microphones are inexpensive (between 20 and 30 €) and have a sound quality sufficient for our use.

If you do not want to watch the video, you may still want to know the conclusion, here it is:

We will have two lavalier microphones BOYA in our suitcases, a BY-M1 and an identical model but with a shorter cable.

In order to film outside or other but without a tie (not adapted to the spontaneity of certain moments), there were other researches, other tests, which will be the object of another video and a Other post.