Jacqui Tomlins fights for marriage equality and rainbow families rights in Australia

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Jacqui defines herself in her blog as a “writer, speaker, educator and advocate with more than 25 years’ experience working in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Queer (LGBTIQ) field”.

I contacted Jacqui a year ago to let her know about our project and ask if she would agree to be interviewed. She answered and was very enthusiastic about our project. Not only she agreed to be interviewed but she invited us to stay with her family (she is married and have 3 kids) and spend a day and a half with them in their daily life.

Jacqui (on the right) and her wife Sarah

We met Jacqui and her family at the end of November. It was a particular time for Rainbow families in Australia. The postal Survey results revealed that 61.6% of the population was in favor of Gay marriage and the LGBT community was waiting for the debates to start in Parliament. We really could feel the excitement in Jacqui’s family but also in the city of Melbourne where we saw many poster pro marriage equality in many many stores. We followed the Australian Gay marriage campaign through social medias and it was really both surprising and encouraging for us to see how people, cities, stores and famous brands got involved in the campaign .  I will write later a specific article about the rainbow families rights in Australia and tell you the stories of the different families we met.

Now, let’s come back to Jacqui! Jacqui played an important role in the gay marriage campaign in Australia. The campaign started 14 years ago for her, when she and her wife Sarah started a lawsuit to get their wedding (which happened in Canada) to be recognized in Australia. During these 14 years, Jacqui throw herself into this fight for equality. She even was one of the founding members of the Australian Equality Party ( a political Party). During these 14 years, Jacqui payed numerous visit to her Member of Parliament and gave many interviews in the media. During the past few years, Jacqui’s kids got into action and wrote letters to politicians, they even made the trip to Canberra to talk about how a plebiscite would affect them.

jacqui tomlins rainbow family

The week after we met them, Jacqui and her family went again to the Parliament in Canberra the day Australia achieved marriage equality. To pay for their trip (adults airplane tickets) they used a method we rarely use in France : crowdfunding. Many people contributed to send 3 families to be physically present on the day all their efforts would be rewarded.

Jacqui was (still is) really an inspirational person for us and we are really grateful we had the pleasure to meet her and her family.

Now I’ll let you discover the video interview, a short version if you don’t have a lot of time and a long version (I really recommend the long version as Jacqui is sharing very interesting content).

Short version

Long version



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  1. Hi Sara, Sacha, and Natacha,
    An excellent interview with Jacqui and to learn they had success and now still planning to work through the Parliament on this topic! I saw the short version today, may get to the long version soon. I leave for the coast of Oregon tomorrow early with 5 other women and we’ll be back Wednesday. It will be nice to get away for a few days!
    I do have a lot to do here on the property, yet it will have to wait.

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