An activist World tour

You’ve probably noticed, the title of our blog for our World trip is “Love makes a Family” and not “Natacha, Sara and Sacha around the world”.


We wanted to give a meaning to this world tour and we both had the idea of ​​going to meet families like ours, families with two moms or two dads, families that we call Rainbow families or LGBT families.

We work on the assumption that LOVE is the essential foundation of a family beyond the bonds of biological filiation.

We aim to:

  • Meet with families and interview them on video to show their daily life as “different” families in their country,
  • Meet with leaders of LGBT rights groups to talk about their mobilization to change these rights in their country,
  • Meet with politicians or academics who can testify about the Rainbow family topic.

With these video interviews, we wish to testify and to increase awareness on the situation of the families such as ours in the countries that we will visit.

When I explained our project around the world to one of my colleagues working this one said to me:

“But it’s not a tourist world trip at all, it’s a militant trip, a political trip”


What is the status?

We were able to contact associations, families or LGBT personalities thanks to many hours spent on the Internet, but also through friends who had contacted friends who knew someone in one of the countries we’re going to visit. Special thanks to Benoît, Céline and Jenni and Lisa.

Here are the contacts we have already established: we re looking forward to these very interesting encounters in perspective !!!!!