The contrast between Bangkok and Luang Prabang was striking.

While we were landing, our eyes were wide open in front of so much greenery, reliefs, lack of buildings.

We were afraid of not being able to get into Laos because we did not have money to pay our visa. It seems hard to believe but there was no ATM at the terminal of Bangkok airport from where we took off. Once we arrived at the immigration counter, we had to leave our passports, leave the airport (litteraly speaking, going outside, in the car park) to find an ATM. We were able to go back inside without any problem to obtain our precious visas … Happy to have been able to cross this border, we left to settle in our Guest House.

Among the most beautiful sites around, we dipped our feet in the cascades of Kuang Si and TadSae. To get there, we had to forget about any requirement in terms of safety in transport !! the small Tuk-Tuk trucks were also not super comfortable (not recommended for people suffering from back pain …) !!


The temples were superb, the paintings told real adventures and the Buddhas were magnificent. Our only regret: not having taken a guide to explain everything to us but Sara, with a lot of imagination and some internet research, told many stories to Sacha about these temples.

In Laos, we became millionaires! 10000 kips equals 1 €. We could eat a noodle dish for 1.5 €! We also took advantage of the low prices to eat very good Western dishes. Special mention at the restaurant “BOUANG”: burger, chocolate mousse, fried rice with mango and glutinous rice for dessert … everything was delicious and the French who hold this restaurant are very nice. Second special mention for the restaurant Le Banneton which made delicious sandwiches with chicken or smoked ham, potatoes and cheese. You’ll understand we were delighted to find these French flavors.

To cool ourselves, Natacha found the address of a pool / bar. Among the customers, another french family traveling around the world. We spent a nice afternoon talking (adults) and playing in the water (children). We may meet them later in New Zealand. Sacha was shy at first, not daring to talk to the kids. He was happy then with his new friends Matthias and Jeremy. Sacha is not always so shy … He quickly played with the children of our guest house and asked the parents if he could actually go play with them in their bedroom! and he spent a lot of time there.

Luang Prabang is as of today one of our favorite destination, even if it is very touristy, this city is full of wonderful places. We will publish many pictures and video soon.