What is your definition of a family?

What is your definition of a family?

This is what we sought to discover with interviews conducted around the world with rainbow families.
What did we find? Lots of love ! And families, a diversity of families, all different and yet so similar by their activities and the parents who take care of their children. Like in every family, parents and children needs to be together, protected, recognized and loved!

“There is not “A” family, there are families,” says Martine Gross, a sociologist at CNRS and a specialist in rainbow families. And she adds about the latter: “the children are alright, so yes, they are families like the others.”

Discover the faces of these parents, all as great as each other. Parents who have opened their doors and their hearts to talk about what matters most to them: their families …

We were able to confirm what we thought of the family. It is the one that we choose, that we build and for which love is foundation.

Love makes a family!

Many thanks to you , We love you!