We have a photo gallery !

The adventure of a trip like ours lies not only in the journey itself but also in the adventure of digital: holding a blog is not so easy and we spent a lot of time on this point for days. We did not have much experience since we used the simple tools of our blog to publish a few words with some images …

When after 2 weeks of travel,  we found out that we have a little over 700 photos to sort and 30GB of video.

It’s a lot of work and we do not yet have the tools or the methods.

However, we are proud to have (finally) managed to set up a photo gallery (HERE).

So here are the first pictures in the albums classified by city (two only for now)

We would be glad to have your opinions, comments, criticisms and advice for all topics of sorting / renaming files / blog management / layout / online storage etc …

Enjoy the gallery and we hope that we make you dream a little.

The link: http://www.lovemakesafamily.fr/piwigo