We are moving… yes again

We decided not to remain tenants of our current apartment.


We had the agreement of our owner to sublet it. It is indeed legal to sublet with the agreement. Nevertheless, we believe that subleasing presents risks that are not worth running. Thus, we would have been liable for the rent whatever happens (sub-tenant not found, sub-tenant who withdraws, subtenant prematurely leave) and we would also have been financially liable for any damage suffered by the apartment.

In addition, managing administrative matters with a rental company that we are not happy with so far, would certainly create unwanted stress as we travel!

The avoidance of stress is worth the cost of a move, storage of our belongings and agency fees on return (at least 2000 € total). You could say, “But you’re going to live where on your way back?”  

“But you will live where on your return?”

Indeed, we do not know. The stress avoided during the journey by not keeping a rental will therefore be postponed to the return. This is a major disadvantage but we have also weighed the fact that we will have the opportunity to find a lower rent, to leave Paris and to settle in a city with a better quality of life). This will also depend on the location of Sara’s job but that will be in another article.


Once again we could count on many friends and family to help us dismantle the furniture, carry boxes, load the truck, unload the truck. A big thank s to all of you! All our things are stored in a storage unit ……actually in a stable, yes yes you read well, a  stable. It’s large and cheap. All our belongings are well protected but we just hope that all our belongings will not be on the home straight!!!