Tam Coc – The Halong bay on land!

Tam Coc is a village near Ninh Bin, known as Halong Bay on land. Indeed, the karstic mountains rise by peaks in the region. In addition it is possible to take a boat ride along the river and go through 3 caves (Tam Coc means 3 caves in vietnamese). It is very impressive to see the women rowing  (and some men) with their legs! Every village family has the right to bring tourists once a week or fortnight in the little boat. The small river sees boats and orange life jackets every day.

The visit is relaxing, the landscapes are beautiful. The weather was grey (as often here), which was very pleasant (less heat and dim light!).

Our homestay was right in front of a lake. Not far from there, rice fields and animals. We loved cycling in this very natural and typical area.

 Sacha made a friend, Tony, the owner of the homestay with his family! Football fan, he played ball with Sacha almost every day. At the end of our stay, Tony invited us to share a lunch with him and his parents, we were touched. Other travelers told us about the meals they shared in the homestays, these are exchanges very appreciated.

It was also an opportunity for us to ride a scooter. We did not think we would ride a scooter in Asia, we thought it was too dangerous. But in Cat Ba, we had the opportunity to ride on roads with very little traffic and anyway if we had to ride a bike it was not better (no helmet, bicycles are rarely in very good condition (especially the brakes!)). So here we are at 30km / h on two scooters. Tony, who rented us the scooters, was surprised that we take two! Indeed, a scooter carries a whole family here and we are only three … We were more comfortable like that when we drove in paths a little saggy. It’s louder than the bike but it’s very local and it’s exhilarating. Sacha loved it 🙂

Our motorcycle  trip led us to the climb of stairs  leading to pagodas of course but also to an incredible view! We loved this area and we thank the family (thet we met in Laos) who recommended it because this destination was not planned on our itinerary at first.


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Rizière à Tam Coc – Notre famille en promenade
Rizière à Tam Coc – Vietnam
Récolte du riz – Tam Coc – Vietnam

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