August 2017

We are in Suzhou for a few days.

Here, we are expected by members of LESGO, the association of lesbians in the city. They make us taste the Chinese specialties  by inviting us to the restaurant. Food is shared by everybody. We appreciate to be able to discuss about our families :). A small video reminds us these beautiful exchanges.


A more surprising thing is that they organized a party conference where we make a presentation followed by a session of questions and open discussion.

We are staying in a wonderful apartment (certainly the apartment the most sumptuous in which we have ever slept!). We publish video to thank Lily who generously lent us her home.


A family is coming with us in one of the gardens of the city. This garden was designed and built at the time of the Ming dynasty. These gardens are classified to the heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Here’s a short video that gives an overview of the Chinese traditional garden.


You can see photos of Suzhou here!

Suzhou Garden