Chile -San Pedro de Atacama

Welcome to a place between a desert, a salar and the Andean mountains … At 2500m altitude, this city is the starting point for visits to extraordinary sites that are all around. The houses made with clay (adobe) allow to keep cool during the day and to protect from cold at night. The buildings of the center are all occupied by tour agencies (there are ,well, a hundred of them …), restaurants, tourist shops and mini-supermarket. The ground is just soil or stone and gives the place an air of film scenery. The air is dry, very dry and dusty.

We spend 2 days resting and trying to choose which tours with which agency! Too many choices kill the choice and everything is quite expensive here. Finally, we opt for 3 half-day visits. First, we visit the valley of the moon and the valley of death: salt that was under the ocean a long time ago !!!

The guide also serves as photographer to the delight of customers!

Our 2nd tour brings us to the salar de Atacama and its flamingos. The sunset was beautiful.

We chose the company “Latchir” for the 3 tours and we do not regret it. For the last one, the guide Daniel (always the same) just brought us all 3 because there were no other customers. We took the trip to discover the guanacos, llamas and donkeys that live in freedom.

The environment is quite hostile, the mountain is mysterious. Some rocks are red, others gray, white or even parmes. Volcanoes have drawn a beautiful rainbow valley. We love the walk with the view to ourselves! Other tourists arrived just when we we enjoyed a deserved breakfast before leaving.

Sacha waited impatiently for petroglyphs but was surprised that it was not in a cave but in the open air.