Our project

This is our family: Sara and Natacha (the moms) and Sacha our son.
We have decided to put our everyday lives on pause to go travel the world from August 2017 to July 2018.
We will offer ourselves the most precious gift in this contemporary world: TIME. Time to be together, time to meet with people, time to discover and time to reflect.
As we were starting to dream about this World trip, we realized that we wanted to give a meaning to this incredible adventure. While we were brainstorming we both ended up on the same idea: Why don’t we meet with families like ours (a “rainbow family”) to talk about their everyday life as a family.
Our Project:
“Regardless of different legal, political and social circumstances around the world, the dramatic increase in the numbers of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) people choosing to raise children is a global phenomenon”. IFED Annual Report 2015
Our investigation will aim at verifying that this is the LOVE existing between the parents and the kids that define them as a family despite the rules, regulation, tradition and cultures existing in different countries.
In the different countries we will visit, we would like to meet with LGBTQ families to discuss about how they live as a “Rainbow family” in their country.
What are their rights? Are they recognized in any way? How the society is considering them? Why do they define themselves as a family?
We also would like to meet with associations defending the rights of these families, political leaders, academic experts and companies working toward more equality for Rainbow Families.
We started to work on this project at the beginning of the year and we realize we had the same Tagline as the 2017 International Family Equality day. Of course wherever we will be in 2017 and 2018, we would like to contribute to this event.
Outcomes of our investigation: While we will be traveling we will blog and share videos of our interviews, some testimonials, country comparison, and social analysis of “Rainbow families” rights and reality in the country we will visit.
Could you help us?
– If you are an association you could accept to meet with us to tell us about how you are campaigning in your country to promote LGBTQ families rights.
– You could also introduce us to LGBTQ families in your countries who would accept to meet with us, spend some time with us.
– You could also connect us with political leaders or academic experts in your country who worked on the “Rainbow Families” topic.
– Once we will be gone you could help us develop awareness among the LGBTQ communities.
We are looking for contacts in the following geographies: Asia, Oceania and Latin America.
We are members of the 3 main LGBTQ Families associations in France and have done different interviews in 2012 while Gay wedding was discussed at the Parliament in France.

Our itinerary