Our itinerary…episode 2 (with more details)

We will start our big adventure on August 8th!

Here is the full picture of our trip (as planned).

First stop: ASIA

Except Thailand that we visited many year ago as part of a package tour (the only one), we don’t know Asia at all.

We are starting with China as we want t avoid the rainy season in South east Asia. We hope to get a 2 months visa to visit China, otherwise we will have to adjust and go earlier to Hong Kong to reapply for a visa.

Far Far away: OCEANIA

Time to discover the Australian Coast, Surfers, Kangaroos, clear water of New Caledonia and amazing landscape of New Zealand.

This part of the trip will be the easiest one for us: we speak English (at least we should be understood), we can drive (even if it will be on the left side of the road) and we are sure it will be easy to travel with a child in these countries.

We are also excited to visit Natacha’s family in New Caledonia and Sacha is impatient to see his cousins.

¡Ay, caramba! : LATIN AMERICA

We should seriously start to learn spanish as we plan to stay more than 4 months in Latin America.

Between the Amazonian Forest, the Caribbean beaches and the Andes Mountains, we are sure out trip will be full of adventures!

We created these itineraries thanks to a great free website https://planificateur.a-contresens.net/  You can create your itinerary and check the budget, the weather… for the cities you want to visit.

Check out these interactive maps (…yes we love technology!!!)





Amérique Latine:


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