Our first interview!

Here is our first interview !!

We decided to do some interviews before our big departure. We will be able to share it to the families and associations we are going to meet on our trip to give them an idea of what we want to do.

Here is our interview with Martine Gross.

Martine Gross

Martine Gross

“Homosexuals no longer give up having children”

But who is Martine Gross?

If you are part of a LGBT family (Rainbow family) like ours and if you are french :), you probably know her!

Martine Gross is a research engineer in social sciences (sociologist) at the CNRS and has devoted much of her work to homoparentality. She was auditioned by the various parliamentary missions on family and children’s law, the revision of bioethics laws, the law commission on “marriage equality”.

We discovered the work of Martine Gross while we were reading a lot on the subject of LGBT families before the birth of Sacha and thereafter.

Thank you very much to Martine for this video interview. Thanks also for her enthusiasm for our project and thanks to her wife who took care of Sacha while we were shooting 🙂

The interview is in French with ENGLISH Subtitles