New Zealand – South Island, Part 2

After the mountains and the fjords we continue our roadtrip to go up the west coast. We wanted to see a glacier! Here there are two that end not far from rainforests: Fox Glacier and Franz Joseph Glacier. To get in the Glacier mood, we dove our feet in the ice water of “blues pools”. The water was too cold to stay more than a few tens of seconds, yet some brave (unconscious?) swam in it.

For our first contact with a glacier, we walked with a great guide to learn a little more about nature. Bonus, she made us walk off the beaten track and as we were the only guests of the day we even had a private tour 🙂

For the glacier hike, the weather was beautiful. The next day, we stayed at the campsite because of torrential rains and a landslide that cut the road. Fortunately we were abble to leave the following day and our discoveries continued on the seaside. The landscapes were really grandiose.

We spent a few days in a beautiful small but comfortable house overlooking the sea. We walked to see seals, built a hut on the beach, rested, we did not get bored!

But it was time to leave …. We decided to see the famous park Abel Tasman and the Golden Bay.

We really love to walk in the forest. There are amazing trees and tree ferns that never cease to amaze us since Australia.

We can confirm that New Zealand is the land of ferns!

We spent 4 days in a very nice little cottage run by a very hospitable family, Sacha spent a lot of time playing with the 4 daughters of the owners. We took a boat that dropped us off the hiking trail in Abel Tasman Park. We walked a little over 5 km, enjoyed a nice little beach and then we left by boat. The color of the water was beautiful.


We then made a quick trip to Nelson, where Sacha was able to discover the center of New Zealand, then we headed to Picton where we took the ferry to the North Island.

We were lucky because we got through the GITA cyclone passing through New Zealand but nothing happened except for a rainy day. We could have been blocked for several days because of landslides that destroyed the road in several places where we were 2 days ago. Thousands of tourists were stranded.

We loved the South Island and the diversity of its landscapes. We are now looking forward to discover the North Island!

You can watch all our pictures here.


One thought on “New Zealand – South Island, Part 2

  1. Hello Sara, Sacha and Natacha!
    Oh what beautiful photos you have created! I remember all these places you have just been to! Seeing all those fern photos certainly bring back nice memories!! All the photos bring back nice memories, actually!! It’s wonderful to hear that you got to stay in some unique cottages in your travels. People there are so wonderful, aren’t they???
    I know you will love the north island as well, crossing at Picton – beautiful!
    Hugs and love to each of you!!

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