New Caledonia- a paradise Island (even if we had a lot of rain)

We only had 2 hours flight between Brisbane and New Caledonia. It is with a heavy heart that we left Australia with the certainty, however, that our new adventures would soften our pain. It is with necklaces of flowers that Jean-Baptiste and Margaux welcomed us :). Such a nice surprise!

Sacha waited with great impatience to find his cousin Margaux and his cousin Louis. He had been talking about the moment he will be with them for months!

Our first outing together was at the pool. It was a great time sliding and splashing!

Julie and Jean-Baptiste then organized an trip to Poé, north of Nouméa. We were 3 families in a cottage. The atmosphere was at the games and the inflatable pool because the weather was rainy. We were delighted to meet Natacha, David and their daughter Chiara. Margaux, Chiara and Sacha played a lot and among other things, they created the plans for a great cruise liner!

We also discovered the man’s beach and the turtle bay, magical with waves raging. Unfortunately there were turtle eggs torn from their hiding places in the sand by the ocean. JB and David went to retrieve them to try to save them by burying them higher up on the beach.

Then we left just the three of us to spend a few days on the other side of the island, the east part. The road through the mountains is amazing. Great landscapes have marked our route.

We were in a city called Hienghène, on the east coast. Despite the rain and numerous thunderstorms, we managed to see the famous “chicken” rock and to kayak and snorkel a little.

On our way back to Nouméa, we stopped at Poé again. We were luckier with the weather this time and it was then that we finally took the measure of the beauty of the seabed by snorkeling. The lagoons of New Caledonia are unique in the world. Protected, marine areas are of infinite richness. We only saw a small part but it was beautiful! The corals are visible a few meters from the coast. Thanks to a glass bottom boat, we went near the coral reef and saw hundreds of fish! This great reef barrier is the second largest in the world (after the Australia’s one).

Our adventures did not stop there. Back in Nouméa, we took a taxi boat with Margaux to once again see underwater at Duck Island. We saw corals, fish and turtle! Cherry on the cake, dare I say! Sacha and Margaux even saw a striped knit, the local snake that lives on land as well as under water.

Sacha has also discovered the life of a child in a militarie barracks: appointments with kids outside or in others appartment when the weather is bad. He adapted very quickly and set playdate with the little neighbors! Margaux, Louis and Sacha also loved creating a playmobil movie that you can see on our youtube channel: HERE. Margaux will continue producing videos for youtube and we will be delighted to follow her videos.


L’île aux canards ou îlots canards

Thanks to Julie who kept Sacha all day, thanks to her we spent a day just the two of us enjoying a beautiful spa overlooking the bay, a nice lunch and a movie. Sacha also had a great day, he discovered JB’s workplace, got in front of a car, and was amazed to see the windshield so close.

We will tell you in a dedicated article the very beautiful meetings of two Gay Dads’families that we made in Nouméa.

We concluded this trip with a mini-golf in a neon jungle environment and a very good ice cream.

Thanks a lot to JB and Julie for their hospitality, we definitely should have stayed longer.

Pictures are here : PIWIGO