Meeting with rainbow families in Melbourne

Our stay in Melbourne was marked by the meeting with Jacqui and her family and the interview with Felicity, president of “Rainbow families Victoria”.

Jacqui and Sarah welcomed us in their home in Melbourne. The house itself is rainbow, we loved it! We all had a wonderful time. The moms talked a lot and the kids played well! Even the little Canadian neighbors were in the game.

We talked a lot about the current issue in Australia for the LGBT community: The postal Survey on marriage equality and the next vote of the law. Indeed, we were then a few days away from the end of the voting process of the law in parliament: last straight line and last stress (concerning amendments). Jacqui and Sarah have been very invested in this fight and we will tell you about it more soon.

Our interview with Felicity allowed us to talk about her family and also the actions of the association “Rainbow Families Victoria”. We have discovered how the association has created many materials (flyers, posters…) to explain the different families in the schools but also to provide support and explanation in regards to the ongoing postal survey about marriage equality.

We will soon be releasing an article on Rainbow families in Australia and more details on what Felicity has explained to us

We also made a video interview with Jacqui that will be online soon.

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