Luoyang, Xian and Chengdu



We will remember Luoyang, the home of Yoyo who hosted us. Sacha and Leo (Yoyo’s son) played well together. Yoyo also made us discover the noodle soup with beef (and black pudding) for the … breakfast.

Léo et Sacha- Chengdu - Chine
Léo et Sacha- Chengdu – Chine
Visite d’unn mmusée à Luoyang


We loved the ramparts of Xian. A bike ride a little rainy but superb.

remparts de Xian
En vélo sur les remparts de Xian – 14 Km de circonférence…

We were also lucky enough to be invited to Diner by the parents of Ruby a girl we had met through the LGBT group. Once again we discovered many dishes including some very bizarre like sticky rice balls with liquid black sezame inside or what is called a hundred years old egg (these are eggs that have macerated Several weeks…)

Invités à Diner
Invited to Dinner



Train couchette - Xian - Chengdu
Train couchette – Xian – Chengdu

We spent 16 hours on a train (including one night …) and it was a good experience. We watched videos, Sacha had school, we slept, ate …

Sacha loved it!

We then spent almost a week in a good size apartment on the 55th floor of a building: stunning views of Chengdu, a town in the mountains where the food is  spicy. It was in Chengdu that we celebrated Sacha’s birthday. We went to see the Giant Pandas and play into a water park.










Vue de nuit depuis le 55eme étage


Pandas géants
Pandas géants




We have made some videos memories that we share here, for those who want to know more: