Luang Prabang : Videos of the falls

Kuang Si

After one hour in a TukTuk, we are arrived in a place were we needed to take a boat to go to the fall.

One hour Tuk Tuk

When we arrived (and payed the fees) we walked fast across a bear kind of zoo but it is a rescue center.  We saw the clear water ans wanted to take pictures ! We loved the steep walk in the forest to see the top of the falls and go down the other side. Sacha and Sara dip for a while in the fresh water. That was a great.

Tad Sae

Tad Sae falls were great too ! That was fun to go into a narrow boat for a short ride.

Beautiful pools, walk in the forest, elephant ride.


We enjoyed these two falls especially because we went there early so it was not packed;

We appreciated to be able to spend time in nature (even if it is adapted for tourism : stoned path, stairs, restaurants, etc.)