Love makes a family in Australia: let’s meet with Kathryn

We spent a week in Brisbane, inthe state of Queensland in Australia. Once again Australian hospitality was confirmed and we were welcomed by three different rainbow families.

Brisbane, a rainbow families-friendly city

Kathryn and her partner Lisa, welcomed us to their beautiful home just steps from the center of Brisbane. Katryn is a Pharmacy Teacher at the University of Queensland, and Lisa leads the Faculty of health. They met at their place of work.

They had two children, Ruben (6 years old) and Oscar (4 years old) by in vitro fertilization. Like any couple in the state of Queensland, they were able to go to a clinic specializing in assisted procreation that accompanied them in this project of parenthood.

L’image contient peut-être : 3 personnes, personnes assises, chaussures et plein airL’image contient peut-être : 4 personnes, personnes souriantes, enfant, ciel, plein air, nature et nourriture

Kathryn and Lisa chose a known donor: Lisa’s brother. So Kathryn took the children.

“We’ve got some of Lisa’s genetic in there, which I think is quite important to her”

Upon the birth of the children, Lisa was recognized as a mother and her name is listed on the birth certificate as a second parent.

In this interview Kathryn explains that their life as a rainbow family in Brisbane is exactly the same as any family and they are lucky to live in a neighborhood where everyone is respectful.



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  1. Hi Natasha, Sara and Sacha,
    I loved this interview with Kathryn and that they are a normal family! It’s as it should be…
    So thank you for sharing this interview and having all of us back home learn of their successes and un stressful lives.

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