Colombia – Santa Marta

A few weeks ago, we decided that we would not visit all of Colombia but only a small part of the Caribbean coast. First because it is a safe area (no action by armed militias and no malaria) and then because we wanted to take a break from and stop moving every 3 days: stay longer in the same place, preferably near the sea and a pool! We started with 2 weeks in Santa Marta. In a beautiful and large apartment with sea and mountain views, we were fine (especially air-conditioned). PICTURES HERE…We enjoyed the pool and being 5 minutes from the beach. Workout at 6 or 7 am, tropical fruit juice (Sara only), swimming in water over 30 °.While taking a small boat, we discovered the beach “white” [playa blanca]. Sheltered chairs are rented under tarpaulins (which protect from the sun and from thunderstorms).But above all, you can snorkel by going to the end of the beach, over rocks and corals. Sara’s favorite activity, Sacha also likes it more and more and Natacha from time to time. We were lucky to see many colorful fishes.A day trip took us to the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Here, the high mountains are really close to the sea. We will only see a waterfall and the jungle but the walk was nice.The afternoon was dedicated to Taganga and the “playa grande”. Once again, we dove under the water to admire nature. A pedalo renter serves us as a guide, the first experience of its kind 🙂These two weeks passed quickly enough finally! We all found great satisfaction in spending time reading, sleeping, doing nothing, playing, watching shows and movies and going out a little but not too much 🙂