Sara, Natacha & Sacha

We are french and we live in Paris. We have always enjoyed traveling and we have already made many trips alone, as a couple and as a family to discover new cultures, new landscapes. For this round the world trip, we want to travel differently and meet and share with the people we meet.

Our family: Sara and Natacha met in 2004. We signed a civil Union in 2007. In 2008, we organized our own wedding ceremony. In 2010, Sacha was born. At the end of 2013, we got married and in early 2015, the adoption of Sacha by Sara was accepted.

Sara (41), Co201610-saramputer Engineer: I like when technology makes people’s life easier.

I love doing sports and I love martial arts (instructor in karate). I often walk, practice yoga and meditation. One of my favorite activities is also studying!

I read a lot about education and personal development.

What I expect from this trip: travel differently, planning less, leaving more room for unexpected events and encounters. Take advantage of the time spent with my family to create wonderful memories of shared adventures and perhaps also small hellish to remember with a smile. Grow and change thanks to daily new experiences.
What I fear: the journeys by car / taxi or by bus when the driver drives fast a vehicle not necessarily safe in a very busy traffic! My bad mood when I’m hungry or when I’m too tired (but every opportunity will be good to work on a few alternatives my grumbling).

Natacha (37)aaeaaqaaaaaaaakyaaaajdfmywfjzjc1ltfinmutnde4yi04mze5ltkwnze1odhhm2nlmg, Product Marketing Manager working for a software company: I am very curious  and I have always been attracted by what is different. Since I was 17 I travel as soon as I have the opportunity (or that I create the opportunity).

I am a geek, owner of many electronic devices / gadgets and addicted to TV shows.

Fan of Dance and Zumba, I love to dance in the living room with my son during our Disco nights.

What I expect from this trip: experiencing an unusual experience, as a family, take time (including taking time to see my son grow and change), meet people and discuss about their daily lives. Enjoy this freedom that is offered to us. I want to be amazed every morning thinking of this new day of discoveries that awaits us.
What I fear: insects (there’s nothing like a little phobia), living disconnected for too long  (a little like quitting), not being able to dress with women clothes. For the rest I am an eternal optimist so I’m not too worried.


Sacha (7 ), Happy, curious, I’m passionate about lego, Comics. I love music and dance but also watch cartoons.

What I expect from this trip: I would like to see the Great Wall of China, pandas and many other animals. Discover new countries and make new friends in different countries.
What I fear: make long walks EVERY day!