On our way to the great wall

August 2017 – Love makes a family in China …

From Beijing we can go to the Wall of China, it’s not very far.
Several portions are within a few hours drive. Many tourists make the visit during the day. Either they take a car with driver or a bus just for tourists.
We decided to spend time near the Wall of China to enjoy it. We had booked 3 nights in a farm a few kilometers from the entrance to Mutianyu. This is not the most visited portion. This last one, Badaling, seemed to be too crowded!

From Beijing, we went to the bus station (first expedition) and found the bus that takes us to Huairou. With the informations found on the internet, impossible to be wrong: take the 916 express. AFter, We found a taxi to take us to the hotel where we booked. We got into an official taxi with a counter to be reassured and Natacha knew exactly where we were thanks to her GPS (she is so smart).

It rained ropes and at one point the road was flooded. Finally we arrived.

A man greeted us with an umbrella and showed us the room while accompanying us: he did not speak English. He left without saying anything, letting us discover the room.

Our room faced the outside, in a small courtyard, much like a motel. It was ultra wet, the windows were full of condensation. We had a very small space where a wooden block was covered with very fine mattresses, like a big duvet. It’s a very rough bed is very very firm !

Knowing that we are going to spend the whole day hiking on the wall it does not bother us too much to have more room. In addition, it is really nice to have a view of nature: the little courtyard garden, the trees, a mountain …

The disadvantage is especially for Sacha who must do these homework sitting cross-legged !!

Sacha works hard ... the hard way ...
Sacha works hard … the hard way …


Also, we had to do a laundry (by hand) and the linen could not dry …

First laundry by hand and DIY of linen thread ...
First laundry by hand and DIY of linen thread …


The first day we had no choice but to dine at the hotel as we did not have anything in the bag and it was already late.

A lady came to see us talking Chinese non stop, she showed us the menu to make us understand she was going to prepare food for us. We asked to eat at 7pm but she did not understand anything at all and it was quite comical to see us ordering something. We used an app yet !!! We did eat at 5:50 when she has finished preparing everything and we had the surprise of having the whole chicken in the dish (head and legs included). The omelette with chives was delicious and we were able to have white rice. What else ?

 You ordered a chicken? here it is !
You ordered a chicken? here it is !

So, it was our base to go to see the Great Wall, we had a good time in Huairou despite the uncomfortable conditions.

Our next article will tell our hikes on the Great Wall! See you soon…

Watch the video for more images about our trip to Mutianyu:


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